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Why This LA Cowboy Misses Cowboy Christmas - and the Greatest Horse Who Ever Lived
Announcing the #LA2050 Goals and $1,000,000 to make them a reality

Announcing the #LA2050 Goals and $1,000,000 to make them a reality

Don’t Let the IOC Retire Wrestling from the Olympics!  You Have 2 Days to make Your Voice Heard!

Don’t Let the IOC Retire Wrestling from the Olympics!  You Have 2 Days to make Your Voice Heard!

Today THE LAST BOOKSTORE at 5th & Spring in Downtown Los Angeles opens at 9 AM for the Sunday Historic Downtown LA Farmer’s Market also at 5th & Spring and stays open until 9 PM on all Sunday nights.  It opens at 10 AM on all other days and stays open until 11 PM on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights and 10 AM on all other nights. And besides the low priced books on the 10,000 foot ground floor - be sure and visit the upstairs… LABYRINTH - with it’s 100,000 books at only $1 each.    And besides the Sci-Fi Vault and the Haunted Vault in the first room - along with an aisle filled with one dollar cook books - the second room now has over 30 sections of carefully curated books.

100,000 books for only ONE DOLLAR each at Downtown Los Angeles’s THE LAST BOOKSTORE! Now open 9 AM to 9 PM on Sunday!

DTLA’s THE LAST BOOKSTORE at 453 S. Spring Street is now open on Sunday’s from 9 AM to 9 PM so you can attend  the Farmer’s Market that takes place right outside the front door of the store from 9 AM until 1 PM and you can visit the store after enjoying your daytime Sunday activities. And besides all the $1 books listed in the link below - we just had a great selection of books on English and American history & literature. Latin American & African history and literature, books on legal history, tons of bios on actors, writers, film stars & directors plus books on legitimate theater, classical music,science fiction, chess, gambling, doll houses. interior decoration, indoor gardening, the occult, pets of all kinds and many other subjects.

After 50 years - the Los Angeles County Hall of Records - the only major civic building designed by legendary modernist architect Richard Neutra - is no longer used for its original purposes and it needs a full restoration. It is also in the heart of a rapidly changing part of Downtown Los Angeles. So - should the building’s function change with the times and - if so - how should it change?

The Los Angeles County Hall of Records - which no longer stores the County’s records - is the only major civic or private building legendary modernist architect Richard Neutra designed and built in the LA area.  This is despite his living in Los Angeles for over 50 years; from 1923 until just before his death in 1970.  His only other  larger projects in Los Angeles, other than private homes, were mainly several schools, a series of apartment buildings starting with the unjustly ignored 1927/1928  Jardinette Apartments (the first international style apartment building built in the US) and a handful of small office buildings such as the one at 621 S. Westmoreland.

Unfortunately, as LA OBSERVED points out - the Hall of Records building needs considerable conservation work and it is no longer used for its original purpose.  Another long term problem is that its small floor plates make it less than perfect for the needs of a major government agency. 

The good news is that with the new Grand Park next door and the proposed conversion of the old Federal Courthouse Building one block away - the Hall of Records is now an ideal candidate for conversion into a new type of seen day a week 24 hour a day use to help enliven the area during the times all the government buildings are closed. 

But since its windowless sections are not conducive for residential uses such as are proposed for the old Federal Building - its highest and best use might be a combination of creative office uses and art galleries and retail stores featured designed oriented products.  Uses that would be open nights and weekends when the surrounding government uses along the Grand Park are closed.

For that reason, it might also be an ideal home for the LA based California Design Museum.and the Los Angeles Toy and Amusements Museum.

Manufacturing in America

I agree manufacturing can and needs to make a comeback in the US. But cities and states need to be realistic on what types of manufacturing can survive within their specific economic climate. In Los Angeles, some politicians feel industrial land needs to be preserved for assembly line factories which are a better fit for the wage, utility, land and infrastructure costs of rural Alabama as opposed to the type of highly specialized manufacturing that has a chance of surviving - much less thriving - in the middle of a congested city with high taxes, land costs, utility costs, and living costs.

In fashion, we are seeing smaller lines and luxury brands bringing back production that once was overseas while other types of more boutique manufacturing are also starting to return in the various tech, electronic entertainment and other high value added businesses. But for those industries to thrive, many of them need to be located within mixed use, live/work communities which will allow for a 24/7 creative environment as opposed to large industrial parks that some are proposing to build in the middle our high cost urban area.

Has Facebook Stopped Posting Our Posts???

OK - now Facebook is really getting weird.  

I just found out from my friends - that when they go to my profile  page - they can only see only HALF of my posts.  Or at least that has been the case for the past few days.

Now I don’t mean their news feeds - I am mean what they see when they go to profile.

My profile/current timeline posts (the timeline that is supposed to keep all my posts forever) - is already missing HALF of my posts - including ones I posted TODAY.  And yet - I can see them there when I go to my profile page.  But my friends can’t see those posts when they go there - and send me screen caps of my page - even though I have a fully open page that anyone can see.

Now I only checked this out today after a number posts over the past few days that would normally get a lot of comments -  got zero comments.

And another post only got a like one from the person I had shared it from, which he found out through a notification he had gotten when I had done that.

But no one else can see it!  Just the guy I shared it from.So maybe this is a new special  ’feature Facebook is offering us - or maybe it’s some kind of undisclosed glitch.

But if Facebook now only allows HALF of what we post to be seen by our friends - even when they go to our profile - exactly why are we be posting on Facebook?

To Create Jobs, Break the ICE — Innovate, Collaborate, Educate

Great ideas, all, but ones that are not likely to be implemented in California

In Sacramento the three key goals of the state government towards business seems to be tax, regulate and demonize - and the attitude towards our students isn’t much better.

The high drop out rates in high schools are often due to Draconian policies such as forcing all students - regardless of their career paths or abilities - to pass algebra and other college prep classes; classes that far too often causes them to drop out.

And the vast sums of money wasted force feeding students classes they will fail - and they will never need in the real world - could easily fund a wide variety of vocational programs - or help set up the types of apprentice programs we need. Unfortunately, though, the California Teacher’s Association will first have to be reformed from within by its teacher members before any meaningful reforms regarding education and the state’s attitude towards business can take place.

THE LAST BOOKSTORE  453 S. Spring Street Los Angeles

THE LAST BOOKSTORE  453 S. Spring Street Los Angeles